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  1. ok so i dont usually have friends…when i do i have like 1 good one….whats your advice on not being so needy? often time i feel like i should hang out with them every chance i get…im sure theres an underlying issue but like…i dont want to be that way and i dont want to feel jealous when they hang out with their other friends. Every time my current friend mentions hes going to do something with one of his other friends i get jealous…i wish i was included but i dont know his other friends (only been friends 6 months or so) and i dont want to be like "thanks for the invite"…its pety. or sometimes they wont return messages (even though i know this particular friend is bad a responding to texts to not just me) and i suddenly think that he doesnt like me or is ignoring me. Is this anxiety? social anxiety? iono…i really wanna get better at this but i cant seem to stop the self-destructive thoughts when it comes to friendships.

  2. I don’t talk to people much so when I do I have a habit of being way too opinionated and open because it all builds up and then spills out at the first chance of conversation. I noticed it turns a lot of people off. Anyone else have his problem?

  3. Hi guys 🙂 Would be great if you guys join us on Pal. No Dating! It is to make friends around you. If you maybe moved to a new city or your friends have different interests. If you search for someone who goes with you to the gym or for a coffee… Hope to see you guys there. 🙂 Daniela

  4. I have a friend that we have been together for 7 years.When there's a girl around her, she doesn't cares about me, she left me..she makes me cried.. i back to home from school, she runs away and doesn't wait me, then I fell from the bus and I was like my friendship is over

  5. Theres this guy at my school who is shy and doesn't talk to anyone and he is always alone but I'm shy too and I don't like talking. I also know nothing about him! So if I do talk to him, I have nothing to talk to him about.

  6. so my sister says im a furry

    makes hundreds of friends

    i say i like. Motocross ,Cars,Dirtbikes ,Engineering , Outdoors, Computers , Sports, Pets

    makes 3 friends.

    one screws me

    one moves away

    and last one forgot me

  7. I just lost my best friend of 11 years… I had friends before but they all faded and now she's gone too. Now? No one. I'm fucking 17. Everyone my age wants to drink, fuck and take drugs! I've got social anxiety and live in a small town.. I need a friend.. Someone. Please be my friend.

  8. I'd really like to make some new friends in my class.
    However, I've been in this class for about 4 years and I don't really like the guys. They don't seem to share the same interests or hobbies that I do.
    So I've been always alone and I don't know what to do because I'm feeling really boring in my freetime without any friends.

  9. I am my best friend first. Living in Manhattan I go out and see people so I get the socializing when I leave the apt. doing an internship now, it helps to be in a people environment. I am retired.. Not into bars but I connect with people in the daily mix of things and including in Meetup.com groups. Close connection is rare, common interests is not equal to same values and personality compatibility. Socializing….is good always and it is hit and miss. Most friends only last for a few dates or months. I keep it moving. I do not expect too much. Have a few close friends.

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