49 Comments on “How to get a girlfriend 3 simple tricks that you need to know”

  1. I daily go to office and gaze her(new joinee) little bit everyday and yes I agree I like her . By her face and figure. She is a quite in office and so m I . This is a similar thing in us … please help me how could I start talking with her, I really wanna make her my friend, I checked her on FB but didn't find please help

  2. Hay every one i just got a girl friend you know how my brothers girls friends sister likes cool hair so she was nice enought make a mohawk sort of thing on my hair and i talked to her on the phone talked abunch of shit and boom i said i want to ask you somthing but im to scares to and she was like i think i know what it is and im like tell me what i was going to say and she says ur gonna ask me out and i said yep and she said yeah im like yeah to what she said il go out with you and then a happy ending

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