24 Comments on “How to claim your Nationality thru (R.V.Bey Publications) Mic Henchmen”

  1. Rvbeypublications cannot confer Nationality it’s not a State Government Moabite stop lying to the people here is international law

    The state, through constitutional and statutory provisions, sets the criteria for determining who shall be its nationals. The right of a state to confer its nationality is, however, not unlimited, for otherwise it might impinge upon other states’ rights to determine what persons shall be their nationals.

  2. Also OUR FREE NATIONAL NAME is Moorish American some also say American NOT S. Dawiyd El etc etc no no no no no our Free NATIONAL NAME is MOORISH AMERICAN. LOVE YOU ALL STUDY THE Prophet. Regard not what any man has said if man must know he must be himself what he knows. MHK Ch 7

  3. Please help. Is it a big deal if I print the proclamations on 8.5 x 11 inch paper? On The RVBEY website, it says print the proclamations on 8.5 x 14. I overlooked it and printed it on 8.5 x 11.

  4. R.V. bey publication is intended to publish information to uplift fallen humanity who today call themselves black,it is important to poin out that it is outfitted for public information only.The information on the sight is there to repair our brainwashed minds and in doing so reclaiming.study study study!

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