CNN Today – USA Immigration reform & Mexico Riots

CNN Today co-anchored by Lynda Kinkade & Michael Holmes looks at the Immigration Reforms and border control ahead of President Obama’s announcement.
Also breaking news in Mexico as tens of thousands of protestors take to the street after the disappearance of 43 students


27 Comments on “CNN Today – USA Immigration reform & Mexico Riots”

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  2. that arm thing another staged story you are famous for care about americans i don't believe her arm was lost by a train and she saved her boy with her good arm from the train i jumped trains i rode trains u people r the worst liars it would be a good news story if at least one of you was kidnapped and tied to the tracks and must confess b4 the train rolls on you happy thoughts

  3. Experts reveal the tricks mainstream media uses to brainwash and control the masses You may not know this, but intelligence agencies around the world have, for decades, infiltrated “target” countries by having their agents and operatives pose as journalist That served two purposes: 1) it provided the operative with legitimate cover; and 2) it allowed the operative’s government to use the operatives “media” position to shape public opinion in the host country.Brainwash them, in other words, with propaganda.But in truth, that kind of propagandizing and brainwashing is also done by institutional media pushing a specific political agenda. Think back to our recently concluded presidential election cycle and what the “mainstream media” did in a failed effort to get its anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, elected. They lied, made up narratives out of whole cloth, and tried to smear her opponent, now-President-elect Donald J. Trump, in an effort to defeat him.As reported by The Waking Times, experts denote a number of techniques that are used by the establishment media to brainwash the public and create/control the daily narrative.The mainstream media are the real purveyors of ‘fake news’Edward Bernays is known as the father of modern propaganda. He was the first to use WHY DOES CNN HAVE SO MANY BRITS AS JOURNALIST? BECAUSE THEY ARE PUSHING FAKE NEWS PROPOGANDA LIES

  4. All this people with small children just leave their home to go where? For what? How do they thinks that they land in US and then everything its provided to them. I can't believe it.
    A good idea is that Clintons foundations dirty money should be used to stabilize this countries. O lord its crazy. Hope Trump speeds up his promise.

  5. Far too many people fail to see the reality of the situation. Invasion of another country, right through history, and illegal "immigration" in unprecedented large numbers is really no different, has always been seen as an aggression and an act of war. And consequently by international law, a sovereign nation has a right to defend itself and its borders against such an intrusion.
    The simple truth of the matter is that America is under attack and has to respond accordingly, unless it has succumbed to committing social, cultural and economic suicide as a nation. People who do not understand this reality are simply living in their own gorgeous fairyland of never, never.

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