Breaking News Today, Russia tells Trump- Remove your nu*clear wea*pons, USA News Today

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25 Comments on “Breaking News Today, Russia tells Trump- Remove your nu*clear wea*pons, USA News Today”

  1. The United States feels it has the luxury of making demands, signing treaties and making formal agreements, and then coming back and violating the treaties after all conditions have been met?

  2. Putin is literally just finger bleeping himself again lol even thinking his small GNP or the fact that he and China N.korea lol are surrounded…very badly and don't have the capital resources to go the distance…black market bread line Putin …lmao.

  3. Killing killings killings in Biafra land my peoples is dieing we don't get any help all Christian in Biafra land has being killed in daily bases by Hausa fulani Trump we still hope on your justice

  4. I can not understand why the world is willing to start a Third World War over one man ????? The people of the world are putting up with this ????? Utter bloody madness. People of the world let it be known your views on Facebook or any like this, this is beyond comprehension. If you look at the population today you with fined a lot a lot of people, take World War One it was a means to cull the population down and then rebuild like wise with World War Two that culled even more and if they go ahead with world war three that will cut the population of earth with only the so called presses few that are under ground and I would not like to live under the ground like the worms they are. If this happens and finish the earth as it is know is no more I hope the bastards who started this crap rot in hell.

  5. America has lied since Eisenhower Russia has been trying to have better relationships with America since then America has been trying to starve Russia sanctions Russia in order to get Russia to cut give up its resources to American businesses this will not happen Russia as an independent entity that is taking of the world not itself

  6. The world needs to realize they are not dealing with limp wrists Nobama
    It is Trump and we the people came first !! Whatever he needs to do to protect our interests
    Thank You President Trump!!!
    The Almighty is your wing man
    Thank you First Lady Melanie you represent the U.S. With dingy gracefully
    President Trump MAGA!!!
    First Lady Melanie Make America Beautiful again!

  7. shut up !!!! RSS Leader is right… tell that..and I PERSONALLY THINK That would include removing All the US Mil installations around the globe Back to protect your homeland.

    PEACE not War..

  8. Lots of comments made aren't true us military are the ones that's raising hell all over the world all though lot of good soldiers know this are president is a puppet for the left an right. Take away rt I'm getting rid of my phone an every other evil tools of the government

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