24 Comments on “2017 Philippine Board of Tourism Teaser Video”

  1. We were left behind by our neighbors, but Philippines tourism are still alive and kicking. If political, religious differences solve, then peace and order will come and economic progress to Philippines as we all been craving for. It will happen in our generation, believe in Filpino "Bayanihan" Culture

  2. Hi I'm cassandra from new explorer travel and tours in philippines and we would like to post your video in our page because we feel the passion of this video that all people will love it if its ok with you? 'll give you the credits thank you

  3. I've been to this country twice, the recent one with my wife and kids. Taxi driver charged me 2000 pesosfor a 2 mile trip from the airport to our hotel in Makati city and he and other people at the airport and hotel were so rude and arrogant. Friends told me how unsafe this country was because of drugs and corruption but I didn't believe them. Now I do. Will never go back.

  4. According to Philippine President Duterte, “Westerners, including these Americans, are a very discourteous race”. I’d say it’s better for Westerners not to visit the Philippines for fear of offending them as we are a discourteous race. Probably better to spend your tourist money in countries like Thailand or Vietnam. Respect the local culture when you’re there, and don’t use foul language to describe their national leaders and culture.

  5. Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient….7,107 islands of paradise….its underrated by Critics but the truth is no one could defeat the Garden of Eden that GOD planted in the East and its The Philippines which is the land of Ophir before Spanish came….More Fun, love, Activities, Destination in the Philippines….

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