1950s Fashions in Paris – Real Vintage Fashion Footage

1950s Fashions in Paris – Real Vintage Fashion Footage.

Watch the original 14 minute version (with its cheesy 1950s commentary) here:

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VINTAGE FASHION! – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC916D4214A951AC9

The music on used on this YouTube clip is also from British Pathe, it is Caroll Gibbins and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans. You can watch the original live performance (as previewed in this clip briefly) here:

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34 Comments on “1950s Fashions in Paris – Real Vintage Fashion Footage”

  1. Yes, their fashion was elegant and beautiful and I also would want that fashion today. But when women say that they would rather live in that era, they really don't. There was so much sexism back then and women didn't have as much rights as we have today. Not to mention this generation has much more freedom of expression than any other era in our past.

  2. How utterly beautiful!There was a time when people seemed to know that dressing up to their best was not a luxury or a sign of shallowness but just another way of making the world more beautiful, especially in the 50s after the war…when people understood at a deeper level the actual value of life!Glamour is not just another way of people to show of, but to celebrate the beauty of life…wish that such glamour poise and elegance were still around these days….

  3. Comme aucun n'a une assurance, je te laisse imaginer la fature. Tu veux fair quelque chose pour ces mioches? Je te suis. Mais Il faut que tu saches ou tu mets les pieds. 🙂

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