5 Comments on “13 Small Business Website Marketing Tips for Beginners 2017”

  1. 8:40 Re sidebars. I'm not flat out disagreeing with the main point. (ie no sidebars) I am responding to the question "if 50% of your visitors aren't going to see a sidebar anyway…why have it?"

    Answer: Because the other 50% WILL see it.
    You should probably have a different format for desktop & mobile anyway.
    Facebook, as one example. On mobile (or via app), they show an optimized mobile layout. But if you log in from PC, you have sidebars on both sides. And Facebook puts a TON of attention…to design that works.

    Sure, load time, clean design, viewer blindspot arguments may still apply. And you can just put the sidebar content within your main body. But some people may want visitors on PC's to have a "richer" above the fold experience. Or not rely on scroll, scroll, scrrrrrrollllllllll to offer features, links, optin box, etc.

    Just sayin. Y'know. Cuz you asked.

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