TINY Laptop TESTED – Gaming & More!

GPD is trying to bring back the Netbook with their new Pocket… does it really have a place in the market in 2017?

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40 Comments on “TINY Laptop TESTED – Gaming & More!”

  1. I feel a Netbook with this capacity and power does have a market. I'm an amateur photographer and I just purchased this from Walmart for $479 with free shipping. My intent is to use it to backup photos from my DSLR when travelling. It's the perfect size for travel, has the needed ports and storage capacity to back up lots of pictures internally, and almost an infinite number with USB storage. I was considering a dedicated device for photo backup that costs more and had only one function..to backup photos. So for me, it's just what I needed.

  2. ıts just so small and cute. also it can run a hd movıe wıth that cute screen so ı wont get bored ın 6 hour roadtrıp. ı can just throw ıt ın my bag… take thıs money my nıgga.

  3. You've done the Pocket and the XD. GPD Win is still the best for gaming, 8750 works great, can emulate all the way up through the PS2 pretty decently with configuring. Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64, and all the other gloriious consoles on the go is amazing.

  4. Man I remember waaaay back when I was at my father's and always lying on my stomach on my bed with a netbook playing Runescape, mind it was also lagging like hell, man that was a time to be alive. I also tried to upgrade that thash to windows 10 for shits and giggles.

  5. while i love your videos, most of my logitech keyboards have the delete button above the backspace,and it feels fine,of course,to be fair, its a full size keyboard,so the buttons arent 1 millimeter away from each other 🙂

  6. If you need a notebook just to write texts, which is my case, so it's perfect. I still don't understand the concept to play games or watching netflix using this kind of computer. You need to have a better understanding of a review and its real purpose.
    Looks like Linus was forced to make a review of this computer.
    I want to see a real use of the machine and how it works running a word processor or writing e-mails, I don't want to have to carry a 16' Notebook or a fragile iPad with me every single day, I just want something to carry, small, simple and that is able to write texts and e-mails. Please, don't make a review playing games, life is more than this.

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