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I’ve wanted to do this for so long – take you guys makeup shopping! So happy that I was finally able to do so in this episode of Streets of Seoul. Come with me to Myeongdong for an exclusive shopping tour of some of my favourite Korean makeup brands and products!

I hope this helps some of you who are planning to visit Korea and don’t know where to start, or just to see what kind of makeup and brands there are over here. Good news is that if you go to places like Myeongdong, everything is right at your fingertips.. and all lined in one street! Don’t forget to listen to the shopper tips in the interviews at the end of the video for things I didn’t even know that you should know! Hehe

I hope you enjoy this video guys! (Thumbs up if you did, it really is such a huge support to see your likes after weeks of work!!)
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Visited Stores ♥

At Myeongdong 명동:
Aritaum 아리따움
Clio Professional 클럽 클리오
Espoir 에스쁘아

Inside Lotte Department Store 롯데백화점:
Hera 헤라

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  1. Been trying to talk my husband into going to Korea and he’s finally agreed! I’m so excited to go shopping there! Only trouble is, we’re not too sure how we’re going to find gluten free food for him as he’s coeliac 🙁 I wish I stuck with my Korean language classes!! This video has me so pumped though! ❤️

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