How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Tips With Borino
How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Coaching WIth Borino. JIm has been a real estate agent for over 3 years. All his closed transactions have been as a buyer’s agent. He’s tired of all the stress, long hours and hard work working with buyers. How to make a switch and become a successful listing agent?
In this coaching session, your real estate coach Borino breaks it down into steps it takes to start taking good listings.
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  1. i like the eye color thing. sometime when looking someone in the eyes when they are talking i get weirded out. like im not sure were to look. i can look at there eye color

  2. This is a solid and AMAZING video. Your on par with Joshua Smith and that is a compliment all the way. You got this business down to a science. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience I know did not come easy!

  3. Awesome video, you explained day planning in a very simple way to understand what an agent needs to be doing everyday in regards to time blocking the things that will generate more leads. Thank you!!!

  4. Hey man, you have a great looking YouTube channel with really good content. Nice job! I just subscribed to your channel and was hoping you would subscribe to mine as I'm starting to focus more on YouTube real estate content. Thanks!

  5. Borino,

    I see the industry changing fast with the pace of technology we'll have more and more buyers agents and less listing. There's already too many buyers agents and not enough listing agents and it's not going to get better if we don't change our business model. Those who value their time more than their money will continue to use listing agents.

  6. I completed 130 transactions last year. Hugely increased after focusing on generating leads & listings. Always good to improve my skills by listening to speakers like this…thanks!

  7. Hey Borino. I sincerely want to thank you for this video man. I'm a new agent and i have been searching tirelessly for a system to follow to become a consistent listing agent/ top producer, and i think i just found it!!! Thank You.

  8. Fantastic, very well organized & informative video! Thank you!

    2 Questions:

    What kind of leads are you referring to on Craigslist?

    And how can you make an open house when you don't yet have homes to sell?

  9. Dobrý den, chci Vám sklonit poklonu za skvělé video 🙂 určitě mrknu na další. Sám jako hlavní problém musím vyřešit chaotický způsob jakým pracuji. Vlastně jsem se teprve dnes díky Vám dozvěděl, že jsem začínající "listing agent" pokud se tedy počítají i nevýhradní nabídky :D. Pracuji pod společností Home4people jestli Vám to něco říká :). Teď se dále zaměřím na Vaše videa. Je něco, co funguje v USA a v ČR to nemusí být úplně použitelné? Nebo jsou Vaše postřehy univerzální? Snad jste za ty roky nezapomněl česky/slovensky :D. Přeji hodně zdaru. S pozdravem, Filip Čarnecký

  10. Hi Borino,thank you this video is very interesting.Regarding cold prospecting,what would you say is the best – a well written text message or an email or a phone call? I have been pondering about this because although a phone call is probably the best,its very time consuming (I work on a strict "hit rate" so I want to make as many calls a day as possible) and I dont get to it often.With text-ting and email I have found the results to be the same as phoning.A text is short and down to business while with a phone,example if all the calls a prospect gets per day from agents are 5 of his total calls, it can be irritating to prospects.Some prospects find a text to be a lazy action by an agent,but this is in the minority I have seen.Another benefit of texting and emailing is that the delivery is direct,with a voicemail a prospect must go listen to it first (and some people dont even give attention to voicemails).Im an agent in Cape Town South Africa.

  11. I am so glad that I mayor in behavior studies. Is important to study the history of listings, the agents producing lots of them and the possible client's problem/s or present situation.There are programs that you buy to give you information about the future client. Who is going through problems. Study their problems and find a way to introduce yourself to them, with a great script You will discover many things.

    Build your mind, to becoming a analytical Guru. How? Meditation! It will release all your fears and your mind will boost into a thinking warrior. Leave all passed teachings behind. Soul searching is what you do when you meditate. The soul and the mind will stop the conflict and confusion and fear will disappear. These real estate mentors will not go to these subject cause it will stop them from making the money in promoting courses from different speakers. Society keeps you hooked up to programs that are not effective cause they feed on your fear. Fight fear with meditation

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