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  1. In my later 40s, I’m still having many challenges finding man to date that where there is a mutual interest. I came out at 19 and yes all those issues were around that are spoken about. I’ve a had a few boyfriends but nothing lasts. My love of mountains and living in mountain environments works against my access to having dates. I think dating other gay men is a lot more possible in a few select urban centers.

  2. Thank You for making this kind of video, I totally love Your advice! this might help me a lot..
    I hope You guys make more this kind or more story time video so You can inspire people more <3

  3. Nice talk! Lots of very good information to be aware of and to consider… Although there wasn't much practical information on how to proceed.
    Of course I may be wrong, but I feel that in various ways your information is probably unrealistically optimistic. I think that the numbers are actually much closer to the lower end of the estimates [3% of men; 1.5% of total population] (at least for those who 'identify' as gay―MSM (men who have sex with men) are probably closer to the upper range of 10% (of men), but they are not boyfriend material).
    I also feel that the 'hook-up' culture is actually much more prominent and pervasive than you acknowledge – or are even aware of, especially in the places where self-identified gay men 'congregate' – in CITIES! It is actually common, if not 'the norm', for men to be unwilling to even 'waste' time having a conversation with anyone who is not a potential sexual partner for THAT night! Additionally, more and more 'gay men' are not even interested in multiple encounters with the same man – they seem to be in a race to have as many sexual partners as possible.
    A very important topic which no one wants to acknowledge or be willing to discuss is the effect that pornography has.. not just on the expectations one develops for sex; but also on the actual practice and experiences of sex. Information from studies and research has begun to surface, and although it is main of the straight population most of the findings are not orientation/sexuality-based and clearly apply to everyone.
    Because of the ease of access, porn has become THE first introduction to sex for the vast majority of youth (presumably even more so for young guys with interest in the same sex because of the lack of any other sources of information); so porn becomes the primary or exclusive source for information for young MSM and constitutes their 'sexual education' and it is very influential towards establishing their expectations of what sex (and even relationships) should 'be like'!
    The natural approach of learning about sex is basically extinct; that of two inexperienced young people groping their way through their first experiences without too many expectations or limitations, simultaneously scared and excited but fairly open –  following their instincts and responding to sensation. They are very "present" in their experiences and discovering for themselves what feels good and what they're interested in or comfortable with, instead of being distracted and influenced by often extreme and un-intimate fantasies of the older, much more experienced (& jaded) men who produce pornography.
    Anyone who minimizes or discounts the immense impact of pornography on sexuality in general is deluded, and since there are very few if any MSM who are not heavy consumers of porn, there isn't really any 'control group' remaining to compare!

  4. Bah, it's fine if you're a millennial but for me, at 36, it's impossible. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on dating websites. The men in my age bracket are 95% messed up severely in the head. I myself have CPTSD and PTSD but I am one of the few who has actually bothered to work through the issues. There are continual avoidance issues among the men I attempt to date.
    I would try dating younger guys but there just aren't enough of you out there mature enough for a mature-for-his-age 36 year old and I ain't interested in playing the daddy.
    So, I decided that since I can be attracted to women, I am going to keep my options open. The last few guys I had sex with weren't that good anyway, one of my prior markers of gay preference. If a 50 year old man is worse at giving a blowjob than a 20 year old woman who sucked me off, things are getting pretty sad.
    I guess I am disgusted with labels and gender being this big deal. Maybe by the time I'm 70….
    No I think I already had the love of my life and he was ripped apart from me by a homophobic world.
    Plus. with each passing year, I like people in general less and less so the longer it takes, the higher the standard will be.

  5. Thanks a lot for this video! I think this video is also really helpful for letting straight people, like me, understand the gay world better. As LGBTQ+ communities are becoming more and more noticed and accepted, I think it's important to understand each kind of people well.
    And also thanks for the advices on relationships! I liked the part when you talked about finding the same traits on a different person. I didn't notice that before lol!

  6. Do you guys think there is a need for an app that connects gay men for relationships rather than hookups?

    I mean on Grindr, people are primarily there for hookups. Yes, some people do find love there. But it seems to me that even if they do find love on Grindr, it is a by-product of hooking up. Such relationship seems fragile to me. I am not disregarding hookups, but hookup is different from dating. I just think if every relationship you develop stems from a hookup, it is just a bad foundation for you.

  7. I’m agree with you that we will find the bc in the right time but I haven’t dated with a guy before.i don’t know how to find him.i don’t know when I get him.i dream it everyday and cry it everyday too. It’s very hard to find a right guy to stay with me forever. I just found the guy who want only …… and then stop. I don’t how long I wait for. Everyone find a handsome guy but they don’t know a handsome guy is good or bad person. In my mind , I’m looking the guy who is the good guy , taking care me , not cheating me and don’t leave me alone when the time I want. It’s hard to find bc I never go to pub or club. So I have no idea to find.

  8. I am 52 and have not found my person yet . I dated people that cheated on me , used me , and were fake .
    I prefer to believe it's possible to find somebody , but I do hope that happens before I turn 70 …..

  9. thank you for making this video. I'm 33, never been in a relationship, and also a virgin. I wonder, just how average is this journey in life? Anyone else out there a late bloomer or have anxiety about hook up vs dating vs a relationship? I know for sure I want to have sex, explore my sexuality safe, healthy and a fun enjoyable way, but i also desire intimacy, connection, passion. I feel these things would be found when I get to know someone more via dating or a budding relationship. I get torn because I realize now I've been ridgid with the people on the dating sites, but also I'm honestly scared of a good majority of the guys on the hookup sites. It seems so much more complicated and I know while I am not totally naive in love or sex or people relations, that I have to watch my back a lot more and be more careful on these hookup sites. Wolves in disguises and such. I'm a natural giver and healing type person and want to stay protected to keep my heart, body and mind on a good path with people while allowing myself to take some risk with new experiences.

  10. HOTT SEXYY BEARR so your old man made u have face hair??thats right when u are gay or bi u have to lick suck rimjob man pussy and drink cock milk wear there sweaty socks and please them. every 1 min overr 90/ooo,,,is doing sex 2 to 8 times a day…..

  11. gay men are their own worst enemies honestly, I lived as gay until 21 and every gay man I came across was shallow and obsessed with youth. And by youth I mean many of these guys loves teenagers not of legal age. Ever since I transitioned into a girl I have only met wonderful gentleman who treat me like a princess, gay men don't know romance commitment or chivalry.

  12. Since this morning I am feeling like I have been locked in room full of doors and I'm shouting out and crying out loud but people can't hear me. I'm so alone and scared.

  13. I am just 26.. 4 years more to get to my 30's. jejeje! Maybe he is right.. But, if nothing is working by the time I reach my 30's, I will just pray to my private obsession then. 😛

  14. this really made me smile and helped me a lot. Thank you very much. As a single gay Male who is looking for love this makes me feel optimistic. I make videos to help gay youth and I find this very inspiring. <3

  15. I found this video very depressing. All it did was re-affirm all the reasons why it is difficult to find someone.

    I've struggled with depression for many years and now my depression is in remission and I'm in a place where I'm secure enough to meet people – but after hearing this it re-affirms all the struggles I face as a gay man and it has triggered some of the issues that I struggle with depression.

    I was hoping for some kind of positive take away at the end – which never came. I'm 37, I'm well past the 'experiment and have fun' age you mentioned in the video.

    This video may have been intended to help people – but honestly in my case it has had the opposite effect. I was actually in a fairly decent and optimistic mood before watching this, now I just want to hide in my room and cry.

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