Behind the plastic surgery boom in South Korea

Globally, surgeons performed more than 20 million cosmetic procedures last year. South Korea, a country of about 50 million people, accounted for nearly a million of them. It reportedly has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita. Seth Doane visited Seoul to look at the country’s $5 billion dollar a year industry.


45 Comments on “Behind the plastic surgery boom in South Korea”

  1. The most ironic thing about S.Korea beauty standards is that, plastic surgery is so overwhelming yet their cosmetics and skincare products keep on promoting and regulates on 'all natural ingredients'
    Sometimes, I just can't get how fake and hypocritical societies can be. LMAO

  2. she is my case eventho im ugly i cant go under plastic surgery bcos of my religion and i do feel grateful tho that i am not disable or somethin..idont blame her if she want it really bad 😊

  3. Fokes sadly the world does not work in the fashion of "be yourself" or "she was cute this way" I don't wear makeup but tbh when I'm in my 30s or whatever I'm thinking about plastic surgery.

  4. South Korean surgeons seem to do a much better job compared to American plastic surgeons. or, maybe I'm just confused because 90% of hollyweird is secret trannies who don't age well.

  5. Honestly u r beautiful just the way u r.. I guess they had this stupid pressure on themselves by their fellow people or whatsoever to look God.. God created us n we r perfect ever saw a snowflake the details in them r unbelievable so why won't we be untouched don't think u ain't beautiful u look perfect…

  6. It's really sad; a country ashamed of the traits of their own ethnicity. Something should be done to educate against and help younger generations become happier with their genetics.

  7. Without plastic surgery ya'll gonna be making fun of them for having chinky eyes and flat noses but once they get surgery you're still complaining that they commit suicide ':/

  8. i think it all comes down to confidence. these surgeries mean a lot to Korea everything is methodical. different isn't necessarily beautiful. it's not america.neither does korea accept american standards, good or bad.

  9. At least they end up being really pretty. But like, natural pretty. Not like those american divas with huge lips and a face that looks like a mask. Half falling apart, half totally messed up.

  10. I personally think that is not normal. Plastic surgery is not a car, game, joke or a clothing. They should be aware of that , and in other countries you cannot find commercials in subway or on a street like it is a face creme, plastic surgery can be dangerous, you can die due to lack of good intervention, complication or mistake of a not qualified doctor.

  11. That doctor want to put that white guy the reporter eyes on his forehead have big boogy eyes and no forehead hahaha…
    And pulling his cheeks back so his teeth come out more like a creature pulling his mouth back to…Lol Glad you didn't do it reporter man. LOL…

  12. why people hating on plastic surgery if someone has a déformation and is insecure GO FOR it ( and im not talking about those people barbie face and stuff 10 billions dollars of plastic surgery's)

  13. So like if i go to south korea and date a guy that looked like shrek.. but had plastic surgery so he looks like a idol.

    Then shared babies with him….

    I would be just shOok that i got tricked and my twins look like shreks.

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