50 Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Here’s a compilation of the most shocking plastic surgery transformation photos. There are some really astonishing face changes that you won’t recognize between the before and after photos.
Unbelievable Models: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy88FnHPZzg

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47 Comments on “50 Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Many people in South Korea have single eyelids – what's the genetic inheritance of the chin – wide face? I guess the Mongols' wife, the Koreans and the Mongols share 80% mtDNA, the primitive matriarchal society, and the Altai language. At the same time, Y-DNA has 20% sharing,,,The chin, or, because the ancient South Korea can marry close relatives, the deformed gene down the chin.

  2. Some of them were born ugly. No wonder they want to undergo plastic surgery. This is what you call cloned human being. Coz at the end of the day, they all look the same. The eyes and nose surgery not to mention the jaw…

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  4. The most shocking are the photos that are photoshopped!!! Those who know what to look for can tell it is a not so good job on the majority of them that are fake

  5. Before you marry an insecure attractive Asian woman with plastic surgery, just remember how your children will look if you ever have any. It’s kind of disgusting because the children will end up getting plastic surgery also and nothing is natural but it’s their life so why am I caring lol

  6. Am I wrong if I say they look realy pretty after surgery…but again I cannot over look the fact that there is too much pressure on some one forcing them to fit that perfect framework of beauty as the society has made u believe is pretty….so I think don't know😑😯😯😯

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