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  1. The video was so dull I couldn't give my attention after a while later. Maybe some visual material will be helpful to you while communicating with us and to grab our attention on this video.

  2. Good concept and good explanation but I suggest you speak more clearly and a little bit slow down your speed of speaking bec nonnative like me sometimes I cannot catch you up. Thanks.

  3. Oh my GOD, this was so eye-opening! I never realised I was a very bad communicator. I believe I'm incredibly authentic, which means that I will say whatever I think without paying attention to how I articulate myself. Then I get upset when people have their own interpretations. Luckily I'm a good listener, but I was always stubborn when people commented on how my words come across (sometimes pretty rude and arrogant, even though that's not how I feel). Now I understand that I can change my vocabulary and adapt it to my interlocutor without giving up my authenticity. Even better now, my communication will be truly authentic because I get my point across, mostly without distorting it.

  4. Wow Leo, I really had a misunderstanding about communication that you brought up at the end of the video. I tacitly supposed that being an effective communicator would come naturally with time and attention, but I now realize that effective communication is a learned skill that requires work and practice. Thank you.

  5. 1. Assertiveness

    • A lot of people communicate things but they don't get what they want because they are not assertive

    ○ You can't let other people impose their agenda on you, you have to be confident in your delivery.

    ○ You have to be insistent & persistent

    § Meakness only holds you back

    2. Authenticity

    • You have to be true to yourslef, unlike most people who hold back.

    ○ You have to be clear about your own values you have to know what your boundaries are.

    ○ You have to have to courage to go after what you want.

    ○ In some situations holding back is fine but NOT in the long run because of the inauthenticity.

    ○ He/she is ultimately unfulfilled.

    3. Open-mindedness

    • You have to be willing to consider other perspectives and and alternative scenarios and ideas.

    ○ Let's not judge and crtisize lest we build a wall impeding communication.

    ○ If your always closed people will NOT want to comincate with you.

    § People like to communicate with people who listen.

    ○ If you are closed you will stunt your growth as a human bean

    4. Empathy

    • One must see the pain of others (mirror neurons), we need to experience the emotions of others as if we're in that situation.

    ○ People want to feel heard. Empathy creates a common ground.

    ○ Creates cooperative dynamic.

    ○ If you do NOT have empathy towards others you create a gulf of separation.

    5. Clarity

    • Communication is not what you meant to say but it's what the other person received.

    ○ A lot of times what we say is heard errounously by others.

    ○ Clarity is NOT ambiguous, abstract, inaccurate, or "losey goesy"

    ○ If people are misperceiveing what you say it might not be their fault but yours.

    6. Listening

    • Communication is a two way street, one must fulfill their own part for successful communication.

    • You have to be active!

    ○ Ask questions, respond with "oh", "why", "ah"

  6. Notes:
    Communication Skills – The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication

    1. Assertiveness
    – That means you can't be a doormat, meek
    – Be insistent and persistent until you get what you want

    2. Authenticity
    – Being true to yourself (versus being polite)
    – People can see right through your inauthenticity
    * Being inauthentic, that person is ultimately unfulfilled with him/herself

    3. Open mindedness
    – You're willing to consider other perspectives
    * You're not willing to consider other perspectives = Other people will not want to communicate with you
    * You're stuck in your own place. It's going to limit your growth as a human being. Ultimately, you're hurting yourself by doing that.

    4. Empathy
    ~ We have "mirror neurons": They allow us to experience the emotions that we would have experienced if we were in that situation
    – The other person wants to feel heard and understood
    * If you have no empathy for the other person, and you don't understand their emotions, you can't relate to their emotions, they will sense that off of you.
    – Empathy is going to get you a very long way in your communication skills especially in intimate relationships

    5. Clarity
    – Getting your intention in line with what the other person actually perceives
    * Not loosey goosey, and nebulous, and too abstract

    6. Listening
    – People want to feel like they're being listened to
    * They don't want to just be talked at
    – You also have to let the other person know that you're listening to them and they were heard. Being an active listener — nodding your head, umhm, asking questions. Those are very critical.

  7. here is my understanding of this video
    assertiveness (not giving up on what you want to communicate before even communicating)
    authenticity (being and standing for yourself)
    openmindedness (open to perspectives and intentions without being stubborn on your own perspective, never considering.)
    clarity (clear intention recieving clearly sending clearly)
    empathy (aligning on a common ground understanding feeling)
    listening (focusing and genuinely giving attention on what others have to say in the moment (focusing on the content of what they have to say without distraction.)
    ive realized that most of these come with awareness and we become aware of these naturally,by living in the moment we open our minds to different perspectives, possibilities, more understanding and looking through the mental blocks (lies) right through them.cuz we have to be ourselves in the moment we cant escape reality in the moment thats one of the reasons we get distracted or cant communicate effectively cuz we are not present in the moment we dont let go of things, we are escaping from reality to a safe place in which we might survive, by living in the moment we can build new experiences with people more effectively communicate and learn more, perhaps that is another reason why children are fast learners cuz they are in the moment they pay attention to their surroundings until they get mentally fucked like everyone else.
    this applies to everyone.authenticity is natural in the moment, so is clarity, so is open mindedness you realize
    they are most natural but we get mentally blocked in society or different environments and circumstances or bad experiences, we just block them off as a safety mechanism or never nurture them simply cuz were not aware,not in the moment stuck in fake reality and ideas which we see and believe but do not transcend do not triumph and are a slave to.
    awareness is so beautiful and makes us so powerful but that shouldnt grow us arrogant, thats one of those mental blocks too.takes courage to get back your mind to be compassionate,understanding, open,trusting, loving… again and all over again . we are not aware to the point that even most of what we want or think we want has been fed to us
    by society when we become aware we might get shocked that we have wasted our lives chasing what we did NOT really want. starts from this very moment everything can change!! this moment, right now!! you can become aware!! and be empowered by that.

  8. Excellent video, Leo. Thank you. It focuses on important goals in communication but not as much on techniques. On my own channel and on my blog I am trying to teach techniques as well as fundamental principles of how communication works.

    Perhaps some of your viewers might find it to be useful.

    Keep up the good work.

    I must say I am amazed and how long you can speak fluently without as much as an "um" or "aaah." And there don't appear to be any edits in your videos, just straight through for 30-60 minutes.

    Do you use a TelePrompTer at all? If not, you really have a unique ability to speak impromptu for long stretches without any disfluency.

  9. Hey Leo, another amazing video. l was wondering though if you may have any book recommendations for assertion and empathy in communication. I have High Functioning Autism and those two aspects have been kicking my ass all my life. Again thanks your service, you dope ass demigod you . I recommend you to like everybody lol

  10. 6 ways of powerful communication

    1- assertiveness ( التأكيد / الإصرار / التشديد)
    Be assertive, be true

    2- authenticity ( الصدق / الحق / الموثوقية )
    Be honest to yourself , don't hold back

    3- open mindness ( انفتاح الذهن )
    Willing to consider other perspectives , ideas and point of views

    4- empathy ( التعاطف / التقمص الوجداني )
    Understand where others are coming from , understand ones emotions , create common grounds

    5- clarity (الوضوح )
    Be clear , think of how others receive your message

    6- listening (الإنصات )
    Ask questions , need to hear back

    Lacking any of the above would affect your communication.

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