1. Somehow I stumbled across this video randomly. By coincidence, I want the same exact job. There's a good and bad side. Bad side: Businesses and stuff are stuck in the mind set that getting more people to see a ad is more important than the ad quality itself and that may not change and get worse. The good side: If businesses and the like finally admit that ads needs mass reform and that shoving a shitty ad in peoples faces as widespread and often as possible does nothing, then the idea of pushing good ads will maybe start squeezing through. If so, people like you and me can get our brainstormed lists of better ads out there and make good careers out of it.

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot for your video. It literally boosted me up and filled me up with motivations which I was losing just few minutes back watching some videos telling about how worthless this degree can be.
    I have a question and looking forward to receiving your feedback. Perhaps a weird suggestion to seek.
    I love both communication and sociocultural anthropology. I found no program which at least partially combines the both. Will it be a wise decision if I complete my bachelors in communication studies and then later on pursue a masters degree on Anthropology? (I wish to do a PhD on anthropology in farther future.)
    My career choice is 'pendulating' between a Editor+journalist and a teacher.

  3. My daughter is applying to college. She wants to get a communications major in media or business. What school do you go to? What school do you recommend? How many years and how much approximately will it cost to finish school? What is the job outlook or opportunities likely to be when you graduate or within 4 years?

  4. Great video. I'm thinking of taking Communications as my degree. Do you have any tips/advices on how to study the whole thing? There are four specialisations at the university I'm interested in; i) Corporate Communication ii) Advertising and Media iii) Broadcasting and Journalism and iv) Visual Communications; I've yet to decide which specialisation I'm going to take but am really keen on Visual Communications as it involves in photography and I'm currently learning Photoshop editing. If you have any advice and tips on how to Ace in university, that would really help and Much appreciated. (I'm currently reading Denis McQuail's Mass Communications theory, but it's a textbook and I think should just be using it as reference) PS: I haven't started college/uni yet

  5. Im going for a communication degree. I love making connections with new people. I also want to be a librarian, so this is a great degree, because going into Library degree they say to have a major along with it and most people have business, some are teachers and so on so forth. I eventually want to move from the Us and move to Australia. It is very beautiful and i want to be around all the Scenery. I want to form my own library, along have my home either right next to it or above it. that's the main reason I am interested in degree for communications

  6. Im heading to college this fall with communications as my major and I wanted to ask if that major is a challenging one? I saw in the comments that you had to write like a 10 page essay or something 🙃

  7. What if you don't want to do films or journalism? Is communications a useful degree of you want to do more client-based careers like being an agent or something? I like public speaking, I can write well, and I always wanted to master the art of presenting myself or an idea to other people….is communications still useful for those who aren't "artsy" essentially? Thanks. Good video.

  8. Hiii, I am also communications major and a novice filmmaker. I just wanted to ask what is your end goal with your comm major and how do you handle people talking down on your major and saying you can not really go anywhere with it. i love communications but i just keep hearing that its a waste of a major and that I should just change it. Also great video❤❤❤

  9. Hey there, and thank you for the video, its very helpful. But i do have a few questions though. I'm graduating from high school in 2018, and i take a very big interest in communication. But i still have a some questions that has yet to be answered: Is mass communication the same with what you're talking about? Are there available courses (communication) in universities? Again, thank you for the video, and I'll be veeeery grateful if you answer my questions ❤️❤️

  10. So glad I found this video! I'm currently applying to college and I have to declare a major. Honestly, I was kinda hesitant with communications, b/c I hear so much sh*t about it, and everyone I know tell me it's boring. Creativity is my strongest asset, and I love writing. I think I will be doing a communications major. Oh, I have a question: what was the most invaluable skill you learned through the communications major?

    Thank you, this video was so helpful!! 🙂

  11. This was super helpful! One of the most informative videos on the major I found! Really interesting vid, as I'm currently thinking about a comm major with a cs minor. I really related with with ur interests so I think this major is perfect for me 🙂

  12. Hey! I'm graduating from high school in 2019 and I've found an interest in Communications, suggested by my drama teacher, and I do love filmmaking and other stuff, so would media communications be a perfect fit for me? I do find English weirdly frustrating for me though, and it's the only class I'm not enrolled for honors in…

  13. I'm going back to school and the idea of being a comm. major sparked my interest because it opens the door for many more career options than my previous majors (graphic design & dance) I'm a person with a lot of eclectic interests so a major that can support a large number of careers – including those in media and business are important for me. It took a lot of figuring but I think I have decided 🙂 Also, I enjoyed your video and I definitely will be subscribing. 😁

  14. How much do Marketing and Communications cross over? Can you provide an examples on terms? I was torn between choosing Marketing or Communications & Advertisement, but after speaking with a mentor/counselor of mine, she advised I choose the latter because of my strengths and passions being in communications. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

  15. I want to be able to write and speak more effectively, which would be best: creative writing or communications major? By the way, I can sit here and listen to you speak. I love your voice!

  16. I'm in college right now and am interested in the media side of communications. My college doesn't offer a media/film major so if I transfer as a communications major should I be able to focus on the film & media side of it once I transfer to college?

    I feel so lost with everything right now! Thank you x

  17. I'm currently an English Major and I'm glad I watched this because I wanted to get more insight into Communications! Lots of my classmates are comm majors. I love your vids I actually ended up watching your Christmas 2013 one first! Lol new sub! 🙂 congrats on completing your degree!!

  18. Awesome video. I am a Strategic Communication major and a Professional Writing minor at THE Ohio State University. I love it. Right now I'm interested in the music industry, agency, PR, but we'll see.

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