Как есть сладкое и не толстеть? Понятие гликемического индекса продукта

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East Timorese variety long traces to vote in parliamentary election

Voters in East Timor queued up on Saturday to cast their vote in the country’s fourth parliamentary elections due to the fact independence in a ballot wherever campaigning has focused on improvement and positions in Asia’s youngest democracy.

East Timorese wait in line to cast their ballot in parliamentary elections in Dili, East Timor July 22, 2017. REUTERS /Lirio da Fonseca

DILI: Voters in East Timor queued up on Saturday to cast their vote in the country’s fourth parliamentary elections due to the fact independence in a ballot wherever campaigning has focused on improvement and positions in Asia’s youngest democracy.

More than seven hundred,000 East Timorese are registered to vote in the country, which has a land spot somewhat smaller than Hawaii and is residence to 1.two million men and women.

Over 20 political functions are vying for 65 seats in parliament as annoyance grows around the government’s failure to use the wealth generated by oil and fuel income to help improvement and create positions.

The parliamentary election will identify the country’s primary minister. The formal effects of the election is anticipated to be declared by Aug. 6, though preliminary effects ought to occur considerably earlier.

“I hope the get together that wins this election will establish East Timor to be superior than right before,” reported Maria Magdalena, 28, after casting her vote for the Groundbreaking Front for an Unbiased East Timor, or Fretilin, one particular of the functions in a coalition backing the current federal government.

“I just want every thing to operate efficiently, peacefully and that there be no conflict in this country,” she additional.

East Timorese picked former independence fighter Francisco “Lu Olo” Guterres to be its upcoming president in a mostly tranquil election in March.

Both the presidential and parliamentary elections are the initially due to the fact the United Nations finished its peacekeeping operations at the end of 2012.

The former Portuguese colony was invaded by neighbouring Indonesia in 1975. An normally violent 24-calendar year resistance movement took East Timor to independence in 2002 and lots of of its essential figures however element prominently in operating the country.

Xanana Gusmao, a further former independence fighter who was also East Timor’s initially president after independence, and his National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) get together are found as the entrance-runners in Saturday’s vote. CNRT is also section of the current governing coalition.

“After a tiring month, I consider that we will earn. If we earn, we will do our best to preserve the nation and this country,” he advised reporters right before casting his vote.

If his get together wins, Gusmao reported it would carry on improvement focusing on agriculture and tourism as perfectly as oil and fuel.

Analysts reported the challenge for any incoming federal government would be to wean the predominantly Roman Catholic nation absent from its reliance on oil revenue and diversify its profits resources into agriculture and producing.

The strength sector accounted for all over sixty p.c of GDP in 2014 and extra than 90 p.c of federal government earnings.

(More reporting by Agustinus Beo Da Costa in JAKARTA Writing by Gayatri Suroyo Editing by Ed Davies & Shri Navaratnam)

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Toothpick Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Patterns & Strategies Making use of Only a Toothpick!

Use a toothpick to make very nail artwork styles! Toothpick can be used as a dotting resource in nail artwork to produce tons of cool nail artwork styles. With a toothpick, one can dot the nail polish on nails or drag it to make different nail artwork designs and styles. In this Do it yourself nail artwork stage by stage tutorial, I exhibit 5 nail artwork strategies on how to produce different nail styles making use of a toothpick and a nail polish as the only resources! I exhibit how to produce a cartoon splatter nail artwork style, ombre dots, animal print (leopard print), googly eyes and a vintage flower nails. All of the styles are really quick and simple to produce, they are actually excellent for rookies in nail artwork. All of these nail styles are suited equally for prolonged or limited nails! Toothpick is a good choice to a nail artwork dotting resource and it functions just as good for any manicure. The best element is that nearly everybody has some toothpicks at household and if not, they can be purchased in any community store really cheaply!


With a toothpick, you can make either smaller or larger sized dots! To make larger sized ones, let’s discover a little toothpick suggestion (trick): Toothpicks normally have a really pointy conclusion, which is good if you want to make little dots. But if you would like to produce larger sized dots, just cut one conclusion with scissors! To make little dots, dot a toothpick on a piece of plastic bag right after dipping it into the polish. This way the majority of polish is long gone and with what is still left on the toothpick you will be capable to draw really modest dots. Further, don’t stress if your toothpick is not rounded – mine has actually a triangular condition. Dip it in the polish a couple times and let it dry. Your toothpick will get a excellent rounded suggestion!

In this Do it yourself nail artwork tutorial (manicure) I exhibit the 5 nail artwork strategies stage by stage:
– Leopard Print nails (animal print nail artwork) – Make a couple bigger pink dots on your nail, leaving some area between every single. Use a mix of brown pink or orange polish with a black one. The circles don’t have to be excellent as animal print is very a great deal random! Define the pink dots by earning some brackets and C designs all around them. This way you will get amazing seeking rosettes. Fill empty spaces with black patches and dots. Your all time stylish nail style is total!
– Splatter nail style: In this article we want to produce an illusion of a drinking water or a colour splash. Use colours in distinction with every single other for a colourful explosion (I used minty green, white and pink nail polish). To make a adorable cartoon splatter nail artwork style, maintain the finishes of splashes rounded. Use a toothpick to drag or dot colour splashes on your nail. Dots represent the drops! This style is just so aged school, summery, refreshing and distinctive.
– Vintage flower nail artwork style. Lovable style excellent for all girly ladies out there. Draw and spotlight bouquets with different shades of the exact same colour. Use a toothpick to draw petals and leafs future to bouquets (Use shades of pink and green nail polish) . Build a 3d influence and increase some dimension to your bouquets by swirling the colours on your nails.
– Googly eyes nail artwork (cartoon eyes). This style is so a great deal enjoyable and it is really simple and quick to make. It is excellent for rookies! You can use it as an accent nail on your ring finger or you can paint all of your nails with googly eyes. Select a darker background colour (I used Medium blue polish) and then dot white dots. On leading of them dot smaller black dots. Position black dots in the exact same course to produce an eyes influence!
– Ombre dots nail artwork (gradient dots nails). This style is super adorable and colourful – excellent for spring or summertime due to the fact of the brilliant colours. Use darker ones for drop and wintertime. You can use one or far more colours for dots to produce an ombre influence (I used two: peachy orange and green nail polish). Start out with earning larger sized and far more concentrated dots on the suggestion of the nail and make smaller and smaller ones as you move up the nail. This style is so quick, simple, and completed in no time!

To seal these nail styles utilize a coat of a speedy drying leading coat! If the darker colours have a tendency to smear on the lighter ones when you might be implementing a leading coat, use far more generous sum of it. Bigger sum will stop the brush bristles from pulling on the darker colours and transmitting them on lighter. You don’t have to use the exact same colour of nail polishes as me, just use nearly anything you have at household and the nail artwork styles will be just as magnificent!

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Songs used in this toothpick nail artwork online video:
one) Satisfied Boy End Concept – Kevin Macleod from Incompetech.com.
two) Solar dance & 3) Cosmic Impulse from Euan Atkinson (http://soundcloud.com/euancaiatkinson)
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US legal professionals suing Volkswagen get US$300 million in charges, expenditures

A federal decide on Friday approved US$one hundred twenty five million in charges and expenditures for legal professionals who sued Volkswagen AG on behalf of U.S. proprietors of 88,000 3. liter diesel cars more than extra emissions.

A Volkswagen logo is pictured at the freshly opened Volkswagen factory in Wrzesnia, Poland, September nine, 2016. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/File Image

WASHINGTON: A federal decide on Friday approved US$one hundred twenty five million in charges and expenditures for legal professionals who sued Volkswagen AG on behalf of U.S. proprietors of 88,000 3. liter diesel cars more than extra emissions.

That is on top of US$a hundred seventy five million in charges and expenditures approved by U.S. District Choose Charles Breyer in March for a relevant two.-liter VW diesel settlement masking approximately five hundred,000 proprietors.

In the 3.-liter settlement approved on Friday, Breyer mentioned legal professionals were being billing an regular of US$462 an hour for all function executed and expected through the settlement. He mentioned billing fees for partners were being from US$250 to US$one,650 for each hour.

Breyer mentioned legal professionals for the proprietors “attained amazing benefits” and cited the generous buyback and payment presents as effectively as separate money to offset extra emissions.

In total, the world’s greatest automaker has agreed to devote up to US$twenty five billion in the United States to tackle promises from proprietors, environmental regulators, states and dealers and provided to get back about five hundred,000 polluting U.S. cars.

Of the US$300 million approved in the two scenarios, US$288 million is for lawful charges and US$12 million is for reimbursable charges.

(Reporting by David Shepardson Editing by Sandra Maler)

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More than 100 SMEs undertake IMDA&#039s Go Electronic programme

SINGAPORE: More than 100 little- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have adopted 24 digital options under the Go Electronic programme because it was rolled out in April this 12 months, announced the Infocomm Media Development Authority on Friday (Jul 21).

These options are aimed at aiding SMEs use digital technological innovation to boost their productivity and make their digital abilities, and crank out far more than S$two.4 million in income for infocomm media suppliers, mentioned IMDA.

Throughout an market briefing on Friday, IMDA also announced that benchmarks for pre-authorized digital options will progressively be elevated. At this time, they are evaluated on requirements this sort of as functionalities that fulfill SMEs’ necessities, ease of use and pricing.

The better benchmarks will choose into account elements like digital abilities this sort of as cybersecurity, info protection, analytics and compliance to benchmarks.

IMDA also announced at the event that the Affiliation of Smaller and Medium Enterprises will function the SME Electronic Tech Hub – which will provide expert digital technological innovation tips to SMEs with far more sophisticated digital demands. It will be rolled out later this 12 months.

Around five hundred icm sellers and market gamers were being at the event. (Image: Calvin Hui) 

Talking at the event, IMDA chief govt Tan Kiat How mentioned the agency will create sector-unique market digital options to tutorial SMEs.

These options will also be aligned to the Marketplace Transformation Maps, and he mentioned IMDA will concentrate on sectors exactly where technological innovation can drastically enhance productivity, this sort of as retail, meals companies, wholesale trade, logistics, cleaning and safety.  

All in, there are fifty six pre-authorized digital options under the SME Go Electronic Programme, which was announced in Parliament all through this year’s Spending budget.

IMDA has also issued a connect with for proposals for commercially managed digital platforms that push the adoption of activity-altering technological innovation, this sort of as artificial intelligence.

Submissions are open up till Sep 8 this 12 months.

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Modern and Fashionable with Masculine Finishes Tiny Dwelling | Modest Residence Layout Ideas

The “Atticus” very small household on wheels actions 178 square ft. It is 1 of the numerous very small residences at Mt Hood Tiny Dwelling Village in Welches, Oregon. Created and designed by Tumbleweed Tiny Dwelling Firm. It capabilities a useful total porch, an emblematic lancet window and a supreme use of symmetry showcased in its eye-popping entry.

You can obtain more information about the builder/designer and pricing of this magnificent Tiny Residence here: Tumbleweed Residences https://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/

Book your keep at Mt Hood Tiny Dwelling Village here: https://www.mthoodtinyhouse.com/atticus_tinyhome#reservation

Photos: © Mt Hood Tiny Dwelling Village https://www.mthoodtinyhouse.com/

New music: Cats’ World by Sarah Rose is licensed below a Resourceful Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/three./) https://vimeo.com/31586311
Resource: https://vimeo.com/31586311
Artist: https://vimeo.com/sokolove

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Biking-Barguil happy to consider time to end French Tour drought

It is 32 several years because French cycling followers experienced a property hero to cheer as general winner of the Tour de France, but Warren Barguil showed indicators on Thursday that he could be the person to at some point end the victory drought.

Biking – The 104th Tour de France cycling race – The 179.five-km Phase eighteen from Briancon to Izoard, France – July 20, 2017 – Team Sunweb rider Warren Barguil of France in motion. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

COL D’IZOARD, France: It is 32 several years because French cycling followers experienced a property hero to cheer as general winner of the Tour de France, but Warren Barguil showed indicators on Thursday that he could be the person to at some point end the victory drought.

The final French winner, Bernard Hinault in 1985, hailed from Brittany, and 3-time Tour winner Greg Lemond has picked out an additional Breton, Barguil, as the person to end France’s lengthy wait around.

With Sunday’s Paris complete in sight, the twenty five-12 months-aged lies ninth in the typical classification for the 2017 Tour, but obtaining received two levels, which include Thursday’s summit complete on the legendary Col d’Izoard, Barguil is on class to be crowned king of the mountains.

4 several years back, the Sunweb rider showed early flashes of Hinault-like spirit as he received two levels of the Vuelta a Espana, and he claims the person regarded as ‘The Badger’ remains an inspiration. “Bernard Hinault is the idol of all the folks of Brittany simply because he received so a lot of races but also simply because of his character,” stated Barguil.

“We never see every single other very typically but each time we meet we consider to chat a very little bit.”

For all the praise that is becoming heaped on him, Barguil remains fully commited to his loved ones and his Breton roots.

Also, experiences like the just one final 12 months where he and 5 team mates have been strike by a car when out training in Spain – “we could all have died”, he stated at the time – make certain he has a grounded solution to daily life. He looks to know his time is nevertheless to occur. “First I will consider to get this polka-dot jersey all the way to Paris and I will enjoy all people pleasant moments, you never know what can materialize in daily life,” he stated when asked if he was likely to focus on the general classification in future year’s Tour. “Then future 12 months I will focus on the just one-working day classics and then the Tour.”

(Reporting by Julien Pretot Edited by Julian Shea)

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Everton&#039s Funes Mori faces 9 months out after surgery

Everton defender Ramiro Funes Mori is predicted to overlook a significant section of the following Leading League marketing campaign after going through even further surgery on a knee injuries that will sideline him for 6-to-9 months, the club said on Wednesday.

Britain Football Soccer – Everton v West Ham United – Leading League – Goodison Park – thirty/10/16
Everton’s Ramiro Funes Mori in motion with West Ham United’s Edimilson Fernandes. Reuters / Phil Noble

REUTERS: Everton defender Ramiro Funes Mori is predicted to overlook a significant section of the following Leading League marketing campaign after going through even further surgery on a knee injuries that will sideline him for 6-to-9 months, the club said on Wednesday.

The Argentina intercontinental performed 23 league video games for Everton previous year but sustained the year-ending injuries although on intercontinental duty in March.

Any hopes the 26-calendar year-outdated experienced of returning early following year ended up dashed, however, after the defender experienced a really serious setback during his recuperation.

“Ramiro Funes Mori has experienced a difficulty in just his knee and has gone through even further surgery in Barcelona which will have to have extended rehabilitation of a minimum amount of 6 to 9 months,” the club said on their web-site. (www.evertonfc.com)

Everton’s injuries listing also features midfielder Ross Barkley, who underwent surgery for a groin injuries, as properly as very long-term absentees Yannick Bolasie and Seamus Coleman.

The Merseyside club play their closing recreation of the pre-year tour towards Belgium’s KRC Genk on Saturday just before the first leg of their Europa League qualifier on July 27.

(Reporting by Aditi Prakash in Bengaluru)

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The Ideal Nail Art 2017 | New Nail Art Styles Compilation Part 21

The Ideal Nail Art 2017 | New Nail Art Styles Compilation
Nail layouts: various 3D modeling or aquarium style and design is complex know-how nail style and design that needs very long and painstaking work. The coating is composed of several levels of clear gel. At each stage of coating applied portray or equipment. Thanks to this layering produces the 3D result. Not unusual in the aquarium nail style and design on top of that applied flowers and jewellery fashioned out of acrylic. Art portray This is a person of the most well known systems for decorative coatings nowadays. Nail art 2017 applied in swift-drying gel varnishes. Drawings on the nails are utilized with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient style and design). To make geometric patterns employing unique strips of adhesive or adhesive tape. A unique variety of nail art is a style and design the place the sample is utilized on the area of the drinking water, and then transferred to the nails. Sometimes drinking water manicure isolated as a independent kind of nail style and design. Stamping manicure For printing on the nails employing unique plates. Stamping style and design 2017 is quite very simple, a variety of plates enables the first style and design of the nails, and time you can save a lot. This manicure seems to be quite outstanding. Generally the stamping style and design is applied to make lace marriage manicure, and French manicure. Pictures (manicure with stickers) A different kind Convey nail style and design that I adore quite significantly beginners master nail art. Unique stickers embellish a person or all of the nails. Essentially use two sorts of labels: common adhesive and drinking water prior to software by spraying. Pictures is quite effortless for residence use. Nail style and design with the use of equipment the beauty industry develops quite quickly, does not keep on being aloof and manicure layouts. A lot of boutiques and on the web merchants provide a large assortment of equipment for decorating the nails. All sorts of bows, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and sequins are glued on the nails, making an common nail layouts for brief nails more putting. Blended Qualified master nail art manicure making masterly incorporate several sorts of nail layouts from. The final result exceeds all anticipations. As a rule, acquired some quite intriguing selections and strategies manicure.

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Tune: Cartoon – C U Once more feat. Mikk Mäe (Cartoon vs Futuristik VIP) [NCS Release]
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Tune: Alex Skrindo – Get Up Once more (feat. Axol) [NCS Release]
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Watch: https://youtu.be/2UeMLPCL1Cs

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Tune: Jordan Schor – Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release]
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Tune: Spektrem – Shine [NCS Release]
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Tune: Society Code – Make Me Transfer (feat. Karra) [NCS Release]
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Australia allows Sri Lanka to handle dengue fever soon after 250 die

Australia introduced programmes on Wednesday to enable handle dengue fever in Sri Lanka, the place the mosquito-borne ailment killed a lot more close to 250 persons in the 1st 50 percent of this year.

FILE Photo: A well being worker fumigates an space in an hard work to suppress dengue in a neighbourhood in Colombo, Sri Lanka, July 22, 2016. REUTERS/Dinuka Liyanawatte

COLOMBO: Australia introduced programmes on Wednesday to enable handle dengue fever in Sri Lanka, the place the mosquito-borne ailment killed a lot more close to 250 persons in the 1st 50 percent of this year.

A brief-phrase programme as a result of the Earth Well being Organisation will test to minimize the transmission of the dengue virus, aiming for a reduction of a lot more than 50 per cent in excess of a interval of four to 6 weeks.

A more time-phrase programme will use Wolbachia bacteria, a microbe that prevents the dengue virus from replicating inside of the mosquitoes that carry it, to halt its transmission to persons. Equivalent strategies are under way in Brazil and Colombia to battle the unfold of dengue and Zika viruses.

Both of those programmes ended up introduced by Julie Bishop, the Australian minister of foreign affairs, through a two-working day go to to Colombo.

The Sri Lankan federal government is struggling to handle the dengue virus, which results in flu-like indications and can develop into the fatal hemorrhagic dengue fever. All around a hundred,000 persons have been infected, and the selection of infected has accelerated since floods in mid-May perhaps. Some hospitals have operate out of beds.

(Reporting by Shihar Aneez)

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